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Load Class Considerations

Trafficable Channels – ACO Threshold Drainage

ACO believes using a product designed for the correct application is imperative. Most channel drain systems installed at the perimeter of the building will only be required to withstand pedestrian and light wheeled vehicles. The most commonly referred to standard governing loading on channel drains is AS 3996—2006 Access Covers and Grates, click here.  Advice on installation details for long lasting installation are available. Contact us for further information. On occasions heavy duty vehicles will cross ‘threshold drainage’ and installation details and product choice become critical.


ThresholdDrain is installed at ground floor level and most likely not to see vehicular traffic. There is no provision in NZBC E2/AS1 for such a situation. Most pedestrian loaded grates will be covered by AS3996— 2006 ‘class A’ loading, 10kN For advice on vehicular loaded threshold Drains please contact us.


Due to locations of balconies within the building structure, the most likely traffic will be pedestrian rated. As per above these load class ‘A’ grates, as per AS 3996 are more than sufficient for this traffic. If ‘heavy’ carts/trollies are pulled across the grates onto balcony areas a higher durability may be required—class ‘B’, 80kN loading.

ProfiLine – Green Roof Drainage

Profiline products will normally only see pedestrian foot traffic due to their position on the roof structure. Some light wheeled carts and bags etc. may be encountered but load class ‘A’ grates as per AS 3996 are adequate. When choosing products for applications it is important that both grate classification is considered PLUS the installation detail of the channel to provide a trouble free, long life for the drainage product.

ThresholdDrain Across Door