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ACO Drain as an E1 Alternative Solution

The full range of ACO Drain products can be used in level thresholds, under the right circumstances. Typically this occurs in installations with flush finish joinery, where a contractor wants to use a precast channel, or where a vehicle trafficked finish is required. Channels can be bonded to the foundation slab using 20-50mm of high strength, non-compressive grout.

To assist with the design and consenting process, ACO can provide full technical support and channel hydraulics to demonstrate the suitability of the product as an Alternative Solution. As ground usually slopes away from the channel, the catchment is taken to be the façade directly above the channel. A worst-case scenario of 90 degree wind-driven rain is then taken to size the system.

ACO technical representatives are happy to discuss the specification of an ACO Drain NZBC E1 Alternative Solution with any concerned party.

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Alternative Solution Advantages

  • Channel hydraulics support consenting documentation
  • Channels can be haunched against foundation slab and used as formwork
  • Quicker, easier and cheaper to install than typical cast in-solutions
  • Outlets can be spaced further apart than 3.7m
  • Fully vehicle trafficable up to Load Class G (AS 3996)
ACO Drain - Alternative Solution